Dreaming in Color Workshop

with Amy Butler & Senior Life Coach Hildie Dunn

November 13th, 14th & 15th
At the Granville School of the Visual Arts - Granville, Ohio - gsvaonline.org

Join textile designer Amy Butler and Handel Group® senior life coach Hildie Dunn for a colorful, inspired workshop packed with ideas, creative insights, and inner exploration.

During this dynamic, fun-filled weekend, Amy will guide you as you create a fabulously unique quilt top using intuitive patchwork. During this exploration you will connect deeply with your heart too. Hildie will help you discover and define your dreams for your life. You will learn how to honor and tell the truth about what you really want while dismantling the fears that are holding you back.

Here are some of the wonderful experiences included in this event:

  • Powerful, life changing coaching with Hildie Dunn
  • A meet and greet studio tour at Amy's home
  • Morning Intensati Sessions to start our day! This is an invigorating practice that combines empowering affirmations with martial arts, dance, yoga and meditation. Appropriate for all fitness levels. To learn more about Intensati please visit www.satilife.com
  • Decoupage and Dinner!
  • Creative communion with like minded souls from around the globe
  • Select meals will be provided throughout the weekend from my friends at Alfie's Wholesome Food. All meals are freshly prepared, locally sourced and can be tailored to any dietary restrictions.

You will leave this workshop empowered, inspired and tapped into your unique creative spirit!

Please note this intimate workshop is limited to 22 participants. There will be a waiting list for additional folks who are interested.

Come Dream with Us!
Amy & Hildi

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Here's what our friends are saying about Dreaming In Color!

I have worked with Amy Butler Design and Hildie Dunn for a year. It has been amazing, organic and so inspiring. Hildie teaches a beautiful new way to look at your life. You learn to work from your dreams and take down the bad theories that stop you from being your best true self. Amy is open in sharing what she has learned and how it has guided her in her business and life. The pair of them together offer so much love, positive energy and guidance. It has been one of the most eye opening profound experiences of my life. - Cindy

"Amy teamed up with a fabulous life coach Hildie Dunn, whom I simply cannot say enough about. Hilde is down to earth, honest and intuitive and just what I needed. I also met the most marvelous women - soft personalities, exuberant personalities and there was so much warmth and good will going on." - Monica

I feel so much gratitude for this experience and blessed to have been in the company of such brave, creative and fantastic women. Thank you all for sharing so much of yourselves. Truly honored. - Erin

"Thank you for everything Amy! I had an amazing time and am so grateful to have been given this opportunity. You and Hildie have changed my life forever! xoxo" - Andrea

"Amy and Hildie created a nurturing environment for women of all walk of life to talk about BIG stuff. I was astounded. Ever since I left on Sunday, I am getting specific, focused and unapologetic about what I want in this lifetime. I am making a plan." -Erin

Workshop Schedule

Friday 11/13 9-5:00 workshop, lunch provided, 7-9:00pm studio tour at Amy's home
Saturday 11/14 9-5:00 workshop, lunch provided, 6-9:00pm dinner provided and decoupage
Sunday 11/15 9-4:00 workshop, lunch provided

Workshop fee: $1425 - payable in three payments of $475

To reserve your spot in the workshop, your first payment of $475 is due upon enrolling.

Your second payment is due September 15th and your third payment is due October 15th.

Once your registration is confirmed you'll receive a full workshop itinerary and a short supply list.

This intimate workshop is limited to 22 participants

Please note, we reserve the right to postpone or cancel this workshop offering up to two weeks in advance of the event, or less in cases of an act of God. If we have to cancel the workshop, we will refund all workshop fees.

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Hotels, B & B's and Granville

Granville is a small town - shops, restaurants and Inns are all within a few minutes of the workshop venue. Learn more about our quaint town here: www.granville.oh.us

The Buxton Inn, as well as the Granville Inn, are located right downtown and there are a few other local options as well: www.granville.oh.us/food_lodging/

Here are a couple of pieces that Hildie and I wrote to share a little bit more about Handel Life Coaching.

The Power of Pursuing Your Dreams ~ a fabulous description of Hildie's work as a life coach

As a life coach, I help people figure out their dreams and what they really want. There are lots of types of dreams and goals to achieve in your life. At the Handel Group®, we break down a person's life into 18 areas: relationship to self, relationships with another, character traits, family, career, time, body, spirituality, money, bad habits, community, sex, romance, home, personal space, learning, fun/adventure, health.

When I work with a client, we tackle every area of their life to make sure they are dreaming and seeing the bigger picture of what they can really have. It's about dreaming and being happy and healthy in every area of your life. Here's how to start:

  1. Grab a pen and paper and look at the list of 18 areas of life. Let yourself think deeply about what you want in your life and choose three areas you want to address and create a dream.
  2. For each area, choose one or two specific goals that you can accomplish in the next six months that would make you happy and proud.
  3. Once you have identified your dream, you are the one who can make it happen. For example, if you chose home as one of the areas you would like to improve, make a plan to find a new place to live that works better for you. If you are unable to move for financial or other reasons, redecorate your home or get rid of the clutter. There are many things you can do to create a better home for yourself, but if you don't dream, nothing will change.

Following your dreams is the act of loving life. Join me for "Dreaming in Color" - a weekend workshop packed with ideas, creative insights, and inner exploration. Or try the Handel Group's flagship workshop Design Your Life Weekend held in cities nationwide.

Love, Hildie

To learn more about the Handel Group click here www.handelgroup.com

Are you Ready to Remove the Blocks to Your Creative Abundance?

Discussion from Amy's web site explaining her partnership with Hildie Dunn and the Handel Group

I am partnering with my life coach Hildie Dunn to offer up some powerful teleseminars and telecourses in hopes of inspiring more of you to dream bigger and believe in your dreams. My experience with Hildie has been phenomenal - not just in terms of business and creativity, but in ALL areas of my life. I believe we are all here to shine our light and give fully of who we are. We are meant to have a life full of love, deep joy and satisfaction. The tools that I have learned with Hildie and the Handel Method® have helped me access these qualities in myself and I'm deeply grateful to have the opportunity to share them with you.

If you are an artist, creative spirit or a design entrepreneur I know you can benefit greatly from these events.

You are here for a reason and the timing is right for you to receive the support and inspiration your soul is craving. Know you are a treasure and a gift!

With All My Love,

Design Your Life Bootcamp for Creatives - 12 week Telecourse

Starting November 17th
Two sessions - 7:15pm EST and 8:30pm EST

Click Here for more details and to sign up.

Being an artist is not a job for the feint-hearted; it takes an amazing amount of mojo and courage every day! Join Handel Group Senior Life Coach Hildie Dunn and I for a powerful 12-week creative course focused on actions and results. You will define your dreams as you dismantle your excuses, conquer your fears, and find your true artistic voice. You'll learn tools to help you brilliantly manage your time, rewrite your inner dialogue, and design a plan of action that inspires and excites you. Whether art is your passion or your profession, acquiring the habits of effectiveness and Personal Integrity is essential to taking your creative life to the next level. Hildie and I will show you how!

Includes 12-week access to the HG ONLINE COMMUNITY, where you can listen to the recordings, interact with other participants and the coach and build your own support network.

Check out my online classes at Creative Bug!

I am so excited to be announcing my partnership with Creativebug. Creativebug has an extensive on line class offering featuring stylish DIY classes by the designers themselves. I have always enjoyed and respected their amazing videos and I am honored that I am working with them on some crafty classes of my own. We start with the launch of my first class where you will get a fun intro to stenciling. Followed by my Appliqué Tunic class where I show you how to up cycle two t-shirts from your stash and turn them into a fabulous tunic that we appliqué with beautiful quilting fabrics. Fun! Stop by Creativebug today to learn more about their new, low monthly cost of just $9.95 per month. They also make it super easy to buy a class ala' carte'!

Love and Light, Amy

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Thank you for helping to support the companies I enjoy working with!