Sweet Harmony is my new fall & winter weight yarn for Rowan in 100% Merino Wool with a fabulous chainette structure and delicious hand. It is super soft with a beautiful sheen and knits up wonderfully. This collection is made exclusively in Yorkshire England (where Rowan is located) and the color palette is selected from my fresh and vibrant fabric collection Soul Blossoms. The two work beautifully together and offer an interesting mix between fabric and yarn. All of the Farmhouse Knits projects use Sweet Harmony.

Knitrowan.com will always be showcasing the very latest collections of my yarn with great detail images of each color, needles sizes needed, specs and guages. Also, there are current downloadable shade cards of each of my yarn ranges! Follow the link below to see the entire collection and get the most up-to-date info on where to buy around the globe!

click here to see the entire Sweet Harmony collection and download the shade card