I love the story behind Farmhouse and have especially enjoyed my collaborative experience with Erika Knight, who for me is a knitting icon I've loved and admired for many years. What's been the most fun and truly exciting as a designer is to see how much we have in common! The synergy and fit between my beautiful new yarn "Sweet Harmony" and Erika's gorgeous contemporary style created the perfect combination to illustrate the spirit and inspiration behind my Farmhouse ethos.

The "Farmhouse" idea is a state of mind, a cozy feeling you get over a long weekend in an isolated quite location... surrounded by all the things you love. The air is crisp, a warm fire is in the fire place, homemade food is slow cooking in the kitchen and your planning what "not to do next" with your closest friends and family. Ok, maybe a long walk in the sunshine is in order or possibly some lounging with a favorite book. The feeling wouldn't be complete without the laid back, easy style & relaxed, yet elegant tone from Erika's projects. The collection includes knitted and crochet designs from throws, cushions and chair covers to super stylish accessories as a slouch beret, multi colored scarf, gloves and cabled socks. The garments are a mix of key pieces including simple cables, stripes and a show stopping crochet skirt.

My Sweet Harmony yarn is 100% merino wool with a fabulous chainette structure and delicious hand. The color palette is selected from my fresh and vibrant fabric collection, Soul Blossoms. The two work beautifully together and offer an interesting mix between the fabric and yarn.

I hope you find your own inspirations in Farmhouse. Erika and I very much enjoyed working together to bring this fresh collection to you. Lose yourself in the warm romance of these projects and create your own bucolic dreams - wherever you are. - Warmest Wishes, Amy

Check out the images below for a great sampling of the projects.

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