My beautiful yarn is a 100% organic cotton / wool blend - 50% of each fiber, which makes for the perfect combination of softness, drape and wear. It's so soft and great for all seasons, and I can tell you that it knits like a dream! There are two weights, DK and Aran, which use colors freshly plucked from my latest fabric color palettes...all of which mix and match beautifully. The combination of organic materials with fiber reactive dyes creates a gorgeous yarn with rich color that respectfully utilizes natural resources. All of the River Camp and Midwest Modern projects use my Belle Organic yarns. will always be showcasing the very latest collections of my yarn with great detail images of each color, needles sizes needed, specs and guages. Also, on each of the DK and Aran pages, there are current downloadable shade cards of each range! Follow the links below to see the entire collections and get the most up-to-date info on where to buy around the globe!

click here to see the entire Belle Organic DK collection and download the shade card
click here to see the entire Belle Oganic Aran collection and download the shade card