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I wanted to create a visual story to share my wonderful experiences while traveling to India. It's impossible to spend time in such a soulful place and not be inspired by the culture, rich colors, amazing textiles, and ornate architecture. I was instantly consumed by the heartbeat of everyday life and smitten with the beautiful way people expressed themselves. This collection is my interpretation of an enchanted, modern passage through the floral delights of India. Dreamy jewel toned prints in multi-hued flowers and designs - uplifting and passionate - weave together my ethnic inspired story. My three color collections; Passion, Joy and Bliss, work in a harmonious treasure box palette for endless exotic combinations. I hope you are as delighted as I am, and that you find your own inspirations to help your creative soul blossom!

~ Enjoy! XO Amy

click here to download my Soul Blossoms posters
click here for a PDF file of my Soul Blossoms brochure listing all of the prints

Available in quilting (44" wide) and home dec weight (54" wide) 100% cotton fabric. Also available in laminated (57" wide).

paper flowers created by Amy Hamilton, visit her site to see her incredible hats.

all of the beautiful jewelry from this photo shoot provided by my friend Kim Mettee
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