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Ribbon Creative Suite - $12.95

Featuring my beautiful Hapi ribbon designs for Renaissance Ribbons!

This collection of 7 fabulously easy and gift-able ribbon projects will inspire and satisfy your next crafting adventure! I designed each project with ease in mind and small yardage amounts so you can have the freedom to play with several of my designs and create one of a kind unique treasures for your loved ones and yourself! Be sure to visit my where to buy page to find out where you can purchase the ribbons!

For "Pinable" images of the projects, please visit my ribbons page! Click here.

  Enjoy and Happy, Happy Sewing! - Love Amy

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  • Heavenly Headband
  • Memoir Tote
  • Treasure Wristlet
  • Brocade Cuffs
  • Imperial Bookmarks
  • Flutter Pillow
  • Dream Big Memo Board